Huq Indicators: the Fastest Way to Follow the Economy During Covid-19

London – UK, May 19th 2020. Today Huq Industries unveils its ‘Huq Indicators’ series, a daily-updated catalogue of consumer and industrial activity measurements from around the world. Our Indicators are built to equip analysts and industry watchers with a rounded and up-to-the-minute view of the effect that Covid-19 has had, and continues to have, on all aspects of the economy globally.
This series of indicators draws on Huq’s Event-level Geo-data platform, which takes in the spatial movements of millions of consumers in countries around the world. The ‘Huq Indicator’ series is organised specifically to align with the GICS marketplace hierarchy providing insight at the macro, industry and individual security levels. Let’s take a look.


Macro Indicators

Our Macro Indicator products offer the possible earliest glimpse of how activity across consumer and industrial sectors have and continue to be affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. These indicators expose activity at the level above any given industry or business activity – taking in themes such as movement, overseas travel for work or leisure, and overall engagement with consumer or industrial premises.

With business across much of the economy closed or restricted due to government policy, it will remain difficult to measure consumer demand and reconcile that with companies’ ability to fulfil that for some time. Huq’s Macro Indicators offer the earliest possible expression of consumer attitudes as we emerge from Covid-19 and how they vary from country to country, and precede the detailed business measurement data to come.

Industry Indicators

As policy develops and both the consumer and industrial sectors are permitted to resume, the critical question emerges as to how workers and customers will choose to re-engage with the economy. As this latent re-engagement is what will inform the ultimate shape of recovery, it is important to look at how business capacity both extends and is fulfilled across a range of industries, and how that differs across world regions. In pursuit of this, Huq has developed a suite of ‘Industry Indicators’ that measure consumer activity across two key Consumer Staple and Consumer Discretionary industries to provide analysts with valuable clues.

Huq’s Industry-level Indicators offer the next level of detail regarding consumer participation with the economy, and how that varies world-wide. Each country is responsible for its own Covid-19 economic response, and so it’s key to monitor activity at the industry level closely so as to observe how quickly recovery is likely to come. In this series, we have selected two bell-weather Staple industries, supermarkets and transport, and two Discretionary industries – hospitality and hotels – to track these trends as they unfold.

Security-level Indicators

For many businesses in consumer sectors, government policy will have determined that they should remain closed over the Covid-19 period of restrictions. This particularly affects businesses in the Consumer Discretionary sector. As restrictions are relaxed over the course of 2020, it falls to the consumer to choose whether or not to visit those locations. Huq’s security-level indicators provide a detailed view of the choices that consumers make in that regard at the brand, company and security level – and provides an early indication of how rapidly those businesses recover.

In the meantime, there is strong and compelling trend data to observe across many industrial plants and locations – from companies manufacturing medical products to mail and online fulfilment. There are also strong and differing levels of activity across those businesses that have been permitted to remain open and trading in the Consumer Staples sector. Huq’s Security-level Indicators offer up-to-the-minute, fine-grained insight as to how workers, employees and customers are interacting with public and private businesses across the world.

After something similar but different?

Our catalogue of Indicators is designed to equip analysts with a rounded view of consumer and industrial activity across macro, industry and security grades such that as the economic environment changes, subscribers to these products will be both the first to know and have the means to verify their observations. If you would like to measure activity on a particular location, industry or subject that is not already contained within this catalogue, we encourage you to speak to our new business team and to commission your own custom indicator.