Last Orders: Pub Visits Surge as New Restrictions Announced

Footfall to Pubs reached a post-Covid high on Saturday, with Huq’s Daily Index climbing to almost 100% of Year-on-Year levels – a drastic change in the downward trend which had emerged over the last month as the sector grappled with an Eat Out to Help Out hangover.

With unseasonably warm weather over the weekend and threats of an imminent second lockdown murmuring, punters appear to have been tempted into a final evening in the pub. The data suggests they pre-empted well, with Boris calling time on nights out and announcing 10pm curfews on pubs and new attendance restrictions yesterday. Huq’s Index for Restaurants & Pubs, had recorded a similar rise at the end of Eat Out to Help Out as punters took advantage of one of the last days of the scheme on Wednesday 26 August, but had since been yet to see levels climb much above 50%.

The index suggests that despite Pubs seeing a sharp rise over the weekend, Restaurants and Quick Service Restaurants remained relatively stable and neither have seen footfall rise above 50% of YOY levels.

The new restrictions have arrived at great criticism from the hospitality sector, and further analysis of Huq’s Index will offer some clues as to the impact of being forced to close early and losing the last sitting.

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