Huq Debuts Geo-data Products on BattleFin Ensemble

We are pleased to announce the launch of Huq’s Geo-data Daily Rollup product on BattleFin’s Ensemble platform, a one-stop shop for sources of alt-data from providers across the marketplace. Our Geo-data Daily Rollup feed is a POI-level daily summary of unique visitors to outlets owned by 500 ISIN and FIGI-mapped securities in Consumer Staple and Discretionary Industries across the globe.

BattleFin Ensemble provides an interactive storefront for the product, with samples, data dictionaries and access to evaluation data – together with a live sandbox and analytics recipes to help buyers quickly discover what the dataset is capable of.

Key features

  • Panel of 60m consumers
  • 100% first party SDK data
  • 499 securities pre-mapped
  • 3.5 years of dataset history
  • Panel stability metrics supplied
  • Coverage focused on US-EU
  • SDK embedded in 000’s apps
  • Daily updates with a 2-day lag

Why use it?

Quant and systematic analysts combine our footfall data with other alt-data sources to build predictions relating to how public entities are likely to report, specifically where it concerns footfall correlated with revenue. Discretionary analysts use our data to observe how consumers interact with traded or private physical assets in order to observe changes in consumer trends and consider how those may affect their investment positions.

Conrad Poulson, Huq Industries CEO said –

We are delighted to partner with BattleFin to help us access new markets in a way that is provides all the tools and information that data buyers need to take advantage of our outputs. This represents the first step in our channel partners strategy for rollup products that will form a key part of our 2020 strategy.

Huq’s research-grade geo-data records real-world consumer behaviour with unrivalled accuracy. Our unique methodology, designed to deliver the highest possible measurement quality, makes Huq the richest and most reliable source of mobile geo-data available.