Place Satisfaction

Discover the key drivers of footfall

What are visitors doing in your town – and what do they feel the need to go elsewhere for? Place Satisfaction insights help learn where to improve.

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Satisfaction scoring is the main way we find out what's working - and what's not!

- Economic Development Officer,
Borough Council


What is Satisfaction?

Place Satisfaction measures the share of certain types of activity that residents do locally - and what they travel elsewhere for.

Why use it?

Knowing which aspects of services are succeeding and which ones aren’t offers valuable insights into where local opportunities lie. The Satisfaction module measures success against four key aspects of the local economy - essential and non-essential retail, public services and working practices.

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Module Features

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  • Share of local activity
  • Share of outside activity
  • Four key economic areas
  • Monthly reporting cycles
  • 3+ years' history
  • Granular date filters
  • Export data as CSV
  • Download live reports as PDF
  • Zero-hardware solution
  • Instant monitoring setup
  • Full nationwide coverage
  • Data accuracy validated
  • Training & support included
  • Year-on-year comparisons
  • Used by 50+ UK councils

"Have the new leisure centre increased local leisure visits?

Local Regeneration Manager, Borough Council

"How is our local economy affected by the 15min city scheme?

Transport Insights Manager, District Council

"How accessible do residents find our public services?

Senior Communities Manager, County Council

No hardware. Instant setup. History included out of the box.

Weekly Updates

Monitor performance across the places and centres you manage in near real-time. Use high-frequency insights to plan and react at pace.

4yrs History

Huq provides up to 4yrs of monitoring history for every new location out of the box, making annual comparisons fast and easy.

Instant Setup

Get access to Huq's monitoring platform today! Instant setup. No hardware, cameras or any other infrastructure needed.

UK Coverage

All Huq's place monitoring products are available for any location in the UK and beyond. Any place, any size, anywhere - country wide.

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One-to-one customer success support built in

Huq's unique Customer Success offering provides hands-on training and support in reports creation for each and every one of its customers. Learn to interpret, visualise and talk about your data!

  • Hands-on user training
  • Custom report building
  • Expert advice & support
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