Use footfall data to learn how many people visit places

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Footfall monitoring is the single most important insight we use to manage places

- Head of Economic Development,
County Council

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Accurate Footfall Monitoring

How many people are in this place?

Learn how many unique visitors are present in the places you manage, and how that changes with time. Verified people counting methodology. No double counting!

  • Daily footfall counts
  • No hardware needed
  • Available UK-wide
  • Any place of any size
  • Up to 4+ years' history
  • Demographics included
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Our detailed, verified people counting system has been selected to providing insights to organisations including:

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Get instant footfall counting data for any place of any shape or size - UK wide. Use our specialist place tracing tools to define the area you want to cover and get accurate results today!

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In 2021-22 UK Govt. DHLC made £56 million in funding available to UK councils.

Huq analysed footfall performance for centres UK-wide to rank the greatest winners during that period.

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