Expand and enhance your store's physical presence for maximum ROI.

Huq's local market intelligence platform helps you to expand and enhance your retail business' physical presence with confidence and precision. Store Planning - where you open new stores, and how you tailor them for local needs - is important to get right. Here's how to get it right with Huq.

Get a nuanced understanding of your store's local market needs.

What does the market around a candidate location want from a business like yours? Why are those potential customers there in the first place - is it for leisure or for work? Our real-world market intelligence platform measures the shops, offices, homes and transport modes your future customers visit.

Store Planning with Huq
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Explore store catchment areas and local shopper intent.

How are shoppers getting to and from a particular site? How far are they prepared to travel and what invisible barriers to movement exist in the local area? Go into opportunities with all the facts and make the most rewarding judgements for your retail estate.

Quickly and effectively get to the answers you need.

Drawing on a proprietary research network made up of 10x millions of consumers, you can quickly and effectively find answers to the questions you need to ensure product-market fit. Our on-demand, easy-to-use analysis tool - Huq Data Dashboard - and Data Feed counterpart brings the full power of real-world insight to your desk.

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Bright ideas and the facts to support them.

Our purpose built Store Planning solutions are designed to help you find and evaluate the ideal locations for new outlets, evaluate the competition and local market needs. [Get started today][tryitout] for a faster, more effective route to higher ROI.

Store Planning for Retail

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Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with our real-world market insights - no code required! Fast, intelligent, complete. Take the tour today.

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Experience the full might and power of Data Feed - the only comprehensive, real-time and adaptable source of real-world intelligence.

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