Rich and reliable insights to help tune your offering to local market needs.

Knowing what your customers want from your local retail offering offers a valuable opportunity to tailor the shape and size, purpose and even stock of your stores - down to the store level. Huq's fine-grained record of consumers' likes and interests in context provides a fast and effective means to establish just that.

Uncover what your customers really want - at the store-level.

Who are your customers, what is their shopper intent? How does that change from store to store? Our location-based market intelligence network offers superlative scale and detail at the hyper-local level, allowing you to accurately map local market needs to the locations of your retail stores.

Local Market Data with Huq
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Understanding shopper intent; why are they there?

Huq's innovative record of real-world consumer activity speaks not just to where people go, but what they're doing there - be it for work, for fun, in transit or at home. Quickly and easily segment local shoppers based on their real-world tells, and explore their wider behaviour to ascertain what they expect from you.

Easy analysis with our expressive, semantic dataset.

Experience the benefits of big data without the need for a sophisticated infrastructure. Our easy-to-use, human-language analysis tools make it easy for you to uncover the insights you need both quickly and effectively.

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Evolve your local offering and own the local market.

Our globally comprehensive real-world intelligence datasets will empower you to better understand the needs and wants of your local market, and target your offer to best meet demand. Start maximising your individual stores' ROI potential with Huq's retail market intelligence solutions.

Local Market Data for Retail

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Experience the full might and power of Data Feed - the only comprehensive, real-time and adaptable source of real-world intelligence.

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