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How Huq Helps You Find Your Perfect Outdoor Media Campaign Audience

Audience Research, or Consumer Planning, is the first step in planning the media to buy for your campaign.

Before you begin to identify and buy space at one or more outdoor sites for your campaign, consider the audience you wish to appeal to and base your selections around that. But how do you know which sites correspond to which kinds of consumers? Here’s how Huq can help.

Audience Research using Huq's Data Dashboard

Finding the perfect opportunities to spread the word.

Our on-demand, real-world research network describes what 10x millions of consumers do in their daily lives; why they go here or do that - for work, to shop or to live. Use our tools to find and explore target audiences based on their likes, interests and affinities.

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Finding the Perfect Outdoor Audience

Translate ideas into the perfect sites to use in your outdoor media campaign.

Once you know what your users like to do, put that together with what you’d like them to - and supply those ideas as filters in our tool. Our purpose-built media planning solution will return the highest-matching outdoor sites for your needs, and provide you with a list to download.

<h1> Code-free access to the world’s largest real-world research network.

Code-free data analysis. Get started in minutes. Sign up for trial access to our media planning tools and see how the world’s on-demand real-world research network will help you plan better and faster than every before.

Targeting Audiences with the Most Relevant Sites

Get inspirational ideas and opportunities for your OOH campaign.

Find bold and rewarding OOH planning ideas with our Audience Research solution in minutes. Our unique, real-world audience intelligence datasets will change the way that you plan media. Get started for free today.

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Discover how Huq’s innovative real-world audience insights will help inspire your next out-of-home campaign.

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