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How Huq Helps You Own Your Success with Offline-Offline Ad Attribution

Measure, improve and own your outdoor media campaign successes.

Offline Attribution is the measurement of campaign effectiveness of your campaign in terms how well it achieved its goals. In retail, the ultimate measure of success is reflected in how much business you generated for your clients. It’s important to know what happened, both to demonstrate success to your client and to improve on what you did for next time.

Attribute Customer Store Visits Offline

Attribute the success of your campaign based changes in the behaviour of the audiences you reached.

Our offline-offline attribution solutions provide media planners and buyers with fast access to insightful metrics that demonstrate how your campaign achieved its intended aims. Did you drive more customers through the doors of your retail client’s stores? Did you change perceptions of your client’s brand to connect more powerfully with your intended market?

Get Straight to the Audience You Want

In a world-first, Huq helps you attribute offline consumer behaviour to your offline campaigns.

Drawing on Huq’s on-demand, real-world consumer research panel you can quickly and intuitively find the audience your campaign targeted, and explore how those individuals’ behaviour changed inline with your campaign aims. Now you can measure end-to-end campaign performance in the real world - with all the precision of digital.

A new order of accountability and trust

In an digital age where every cause and effect is measured and accounted for, our offline attribution tools bring an unseen degree of transparency and utility to client reporting and relationships.

Demonstrate Your OOH Success

Agile solutions to help you learn, improve and repeat.

Offline attribution is not only useful in demonstrating success to your client. Our innovative solutions for Media Planning and Buying also help you to work out what worked, and how to do thing better for next time. Our offline attribution tools are our purpose-built to support your agile, iterative workflows.

Drive better existing and win new business accounts - eveery time.

Knowing the effects of your work and improving what you do for next time delivers stronger results and greater ROI for you and your clients. Greater accountability in your campaign reporting helps you to advance your client relationships with confidence and trust.

Our solutions for Media Planning and Buying will advance your business light years ahead of the rest. Try it out today!

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