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How Huq Helps You Find the Most Effective Outdoor Media Sites for Your Campaign

Selecting the most effective outdoor media sites for your needs

Finding the outdoor media sites that are best-positioned to help you achieve your campaign aims is the most important step in your media planning work. Huq’s solutions for Media Planning and Buying offer wider and more accurate choices that can also make your budget go further. Read on to find out how it works.

Finding Outdoor Sites by Audience

Know your audience? Now find the right sites.

Our outdoor media site planning solution binds your aims with what’s available to use in a way that is simple and effective. Describe your ideal audience in human-language terms, and our products will return the list of best sites based on our unique and truly comprehensive, on-demand consumer research data.

Find the Perfect OOH Sites for your Campaign

Tap into the power of real-world consumer behaviour data.

Huq’s unique consumer research panel reflects its 10x millions of individuals as they exist in the real world. Understand how they spend their time offline - how they shop, work, travel and relax. For the first time, media planners and buyers can leverage consumers’ real-world preferences to plan and execute their best-ever campaigns.

The world never stops and neither does our data.

Our living dataset is continually updated, and reacts to real-world behaviour as it happens. Find the best times of the day, week, month or year to reach your audience across the sites they pass; buy space that is truly optimised for your campaign and make the most of every opportunity.

Buy Sites at the most Impactful Time

Greater impact and cost efficiencies.

Our purpose-built outdoor media solutions for outdoor media planners and buyers are designed to help you find hidden gems in surprisingly effective locations. Wider choice delivers greater potential for cost savings, in addition to greater campaign effectiveness and ROI for your clients. Get started today.

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