Find the right audience, at the right time – anywhere in the world.

Plan your most effective media campaigns to-date with Huq's unique, real-world audience and consumer behaviour intelligence. We operate a continuously growing consumer research network that takes-in 10x millions of individuals, and spans 247 countries worldwide.

Huq's innovative consumer research panel draws on billions of consumer interaction events in the real world each month, allowing you to see where, when and why consumers buy - so that you can plan your smartest campaigns ever!

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We had a look at your data. It's amazing. The data was easy to work with and the points are so precise.

Pol Colomer
Partner & Data Scientis, Dribia Data Research S.L.

Find Your Perfect Outdoor Media Campaign Audience Audience Research

Go deeper in your understanding of your target audience. Execute outdoor media campaigns like never before with Huq's rich consumer research datasets. With billions of real-world interactions events, you can plan your outdoor media campaigns with confidence and advantage over your peers.

Own Your Success with Offline-Offline Ad Attribution Offline Attribution

Directly attribute changes in your client’s customer behaviour to the effectiveness of your offline campaigns - and receive the credit you deserve. Grow existing accounts and win new business by precisely attributing your offline media campaign results to your great work using our Offline Attribution tools.

Find the Most Effective Outdoor Media Sites for Your Campaign Site Planning Tools

Maximise your influence and reduce costs by ensuring you find the most effective media sites to reach your target audience. Our outdoor site planning tools lend media planners and their clients an unfair advantage. Plan and execute your outdoor media campaigns with all the precision of digital.

Key platform facts

The consumer marketing data we offer is global data from 247 countries
As Audience data providers the data we have is real world data
Our products are simple to use

Solutions for Media

We understand how important it is to stand out from the crowd. We also know how important it is that your media campaign reaches the right audience at the right time. That’s why as audience research providers we ensure our data is 100% unique and truly reliable. Use our data to find exclusive offline insights that will prove ultra-effective when planning outdoor media campaigns.

For the first time, media planners and buyers can accurately quantify the offline impact of each of their outdoor media campaigns and gain a true understanding of the ROI delivered by their work. Our real-time audience intelligence data enables you to react quickly to changes in trends and to better design campaigns that execute with greater impact and intended results.

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