New powers to help you anticipate the market through new patterns in consumers' real-world likes, needs and wants.

Huq's customer behaviour analytics solution offers retail market investors new powers to examine the real-world likes, needs and wants of retail customers at the brand level. How are consumers' retail preferences changing? Our world-leading, on-demand real-world consumer research panel helps you spot new consumer trends ahead of the rest.

Find out what a retailer's customers are really worth.

How are retailers' customers changing? Are they moving up or down in value - or are they abandoning a certain type of offering altogether? Our unique and powerful consumer dataset views the world through the eyes of the consumer, offering analysts and investors a privileged view of the relationships that drive change in the real-world.

Customer Analytics with Huq
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Learn who retailers share their customers with.

It's one thing to measure retailer performance in terms of the number of customers they receive. It's quite another to measure what else they do. Where else do one retailer's customers go to find similar products, and how do those other stores reflect on the quality of that store's offering for that market?

An easy-to-use and highly expressive dataset.

Our market intelligence solutions for investors and analysts are purpose-built to answer the questions you need answers to, quickly and effectively. Our dashboard tools and living, semantic datasets offer code-free access to information that you will not find elsewhere.

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Use Huq for more intelligent retail stock pricing.

Quickly and independently evaluate the fundamental health of existing and prospective investments with Huq's on-demand, real-world market intelligence network. Build your own view of what opportunities are worth ahead of your peers in the market.

Customer Analytics for Finance

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Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with our real-world market insights - no code required! Fast, intelligent, complete. Take the tour today.

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Experience the full might and power of Data Feed - the only comprehensive, real-time and adaptable source of real-world intelligence.

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