Will Spain be Ready for Summer Tourism Come July?

With Italy and Spain both hoping to welcome tourists back for the summer season over the next five weeks, data from the Huq Daily Distances Indicator suggests that as boarders open, Italian residents’ appetite for a summer slew of overseas visitors could be far greater than among their Spanish counterparts.

As lockdown eats further into the crucial summer season for tourism, Italian leaders have made plans to allow inbound international travel from early June, and Spain has pledged to open its doors from July. Latest data from the Huq Daily Distances Indicator, which measures the extent to which residents move around their cities, Paris and Milan have demonstrated some impressive increases in daily mobility as lockdown measures ease off, while in Spain – which had one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe – residents’ mobility levels have yet to change from their lockdown mean.

While this data echoes Spain’s more cautious approach to easing lockdown measures, we know from the Huq Key Consumer Industries Indicator that, when permitted, customer activity across industries such as hospitality can rebound quickly and significantly – such as we covered in our Huq Indicators update earlier this week.

As the two Mediterranean destinations grapple to strike the balance between safety and feeding the economy, subsequent analysis of data from our Huq Indicator series will help to show how soon footfall and international mobility will begin to translate into GDP.

With Huq Indicators, analysts can better understand how a range of industries will bounce back from Covid-19. If you would like to measure activity on a particular location, industry or subject that is not already contained within Huq’s existing Indicator catalogue, please get in touch with our new business team to discuss your requirements.