Vive la Lockdown Liberté: Paris sees 209% Increase in Daily Population Mobility

Millions of Paris residents have been enjoying a new-found freedom with the relaxation of lockdown, as Huq’s Indicators show that population mobility within the French capital has increased by 209% in the last two weeks.

Huq’s Daily Distances Indicators, which have measured the maximum distance people travel in cities since Covid-19 restrictions were implemented, show which cities have seen the most movement from residents as lockdowns have relaxed – and which have been more restrained. The insights show that Paris has seen the biggest increase in movement since 5 May (a representative series low) followed by Milan (118% increase) and Berlin (29% increase). 

London, which saw less dramatic decreases in movement with the introduction of restrictions, has seen gradual increases in the last two weeks, however is yet to reach ‘pre-lockdown’ levels. With Paris seeing the greatest reduction in population movement during lockdown out of all the cities analysed, the data suggests that the more stringent lockdown measures have been, the greater the pent-up desire to move around when restrictions are eased.

Scandinavian role reversal

Interestingly, while other European capitals have seen dramatic surges in movement in recent weeks, this period has seen Stockholm go from being the city with the most mobile population to being the most restricted. With reports showing that Sweden has the highest mortality rate per capita at this stage of the epidemic, Huq’s Indicator shows that the Swedish capital – a city which had previously kept its bars, restaurants, hairdressers, gyms open under a softer policy approach to virus restrictions – is now the city the least mobile population in Europe.

Huq Daily Distances Indicator 20 May 2020

Sunshine not sangria 

With Huq’s Indicators measuring footfall to discretionary businesses (restaurants, hotels and bars) showing little increase attendance to these categories across Europe, the spike in movement across Paris and Milan suggests that residents have been flocking to parks and piazzas to enjoy the sunshine, rather that dining out. Further analysis of Huq’s Indicators in the coming weeks will provide insights into how this movement will feed into the economy.

Through Huq’s first-party mobile geo-data, analysts can better understand how economies globally will bounce back from Covid-19. If you would like to measure activity on a particular location, industry or subject that is not already contained within Huq’s existing Indicator catalogue, please get in touch with our new business team to discuss your requirements.