US Consumer Sector Footfall Regains 90% of Pre-C19 Levels as China Drops 20pts

Data up until Saturday July 18th shows that mean footfall across all US Consumer industries has regained 90% of pre-lockdown levels, as Huq’s high-frequency geo-location data shows that the country is leading it’s comparative set of developed nations in terms of consumer-led economic recovery from Covid-19.

Huq’s ‘All Consumer’ Indicator shows that the US had been tracking closely in line with China despite its head-start, with the two economic juggernauts rising steadily after lows in March 2020. However, since 9 July Huq’s data reveals a mysterious drop in consumer activity across China, falling almost 20pts from its previous high – and the site of current US levels.

Essential category Supermarkets remains the most active – reaching almost 100% of pre-lockdown levels in the last week – while hospitality and hotels have grown at a slower pace to around 75% of previous levels. While public transport usage has increased gradually, overall levels remain low at around 40% suggesting that populations are either staying local or opting for private mobility.

With local and regional lockdowns coming into effect around the world and record numbers of new cases being reported in the US, for how long will this trend continue?

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