UK Supermarkets Hold Steady Amidst Europe-wide Downturn

Footfall to UK supermarkets has so far dodged the second wave slump, with Huq’s Index recording levels higher than last year over the last week whilst all other consumer sectors dive and supermarkets on the continent see attendance cut in half.

Visits to the likes of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons reached levels 2pts higher than 2019’s weekly mean earlier this week with supermarkets in Europe plunging to a record low for the year of 43pts.

Every other consumer sector in the UK has experienced a significant drop in footfall over the last few weeks with Apparel, Hospitality and Accommodation dropping to 55pts, 52pts and 20pts of last year’s levels respectively. Nearly all sectors in the UK appear have recently outperformed Europe recently, however with a new national lockdown coming into effect yesterday this could be a short-lived lead.

Further analysis of Huq’s Index will show how UK consumers react to the new restrictions and whether essential grocery shopping takes another tumble.  Sign up to receive to our 3x weekly bulletin to track the impact of lockdown 2.0.

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