UK Supermarkets Activity Holds at 90% of Pre-Covid Levels While Hospitality Shows Modest Gains

Footfall across UK supermarkets has risen to 90% of pre-Covid levels in the last two weeks as Huq’s mobility data suggests that Brits have had more confidence to visit these outlets since the 4th July, which coincides with the date that hospitality and dine-in establishments were allowed to re-open.

In contrast to consistently levels of footfall to supermarkets recently, the data shows there has been a much slower recovery for pubs, restaurants and hotels where activity across these discretionary outlets has increased to only two thirds of that figure following the government’s policy change and appears to steady.

While social distancing measures and a lack of tourism makes recovery harder for the hospitality sector and still many restaurants remain closed, the data suggests that the reopening of pubs has been taken as cue that it is safer to go back outside and engage more frequently in the retail environment in general.

Time will show whether lockdown forced new habits to form where people prefer to entertain in the comfort of their own homes, with the perceived lower risk of exposure. The longer term significance remains to be seen, but for the time being it appears that consumers continue to be more inclined to visit Waitrose than Wetherspoons. 

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