UK Residential Construction Activity Levels-Out at 50%

The UK’s residential construction industry sees activity levels steady at around 50% of pre-Covid levels following a rapid rebound from lockdown in late April, according to a new indicator published today by Huq Industries.

The Huq Residential Construction Index, which uses the daily average construction worker count between Jan 6-26th as 100, showed worker presence fall rapidly as lockdown set in during the last week of March to around 20% of previous levels before recovering to half of normal levels just as quickly from April 20th.

Since then, activity has remained fixed at between 50-56pts since May 4th – a date that coincides with many of the UK’s major house-builders announcing the return of construction workers to newly Covid-safe environments.

Among residential construction project types, work on extensions to existing residential homes was the fastest to bounce back to current levels, peaking shortly after lockdown at 58.3pts – 5pts ahead of the residential mean on May 4th.

The Index also shows a mild slow-down in activity over the summer months from mid-July onwards, which coincides with the holiday period. Following recent changes to Stamp Duty and reports from Rightmove of homeowners moving to locations that favour space, this measure of building activity will offer day-by-day insight over the coming weeks and months.

Huq’s Indicators help analysts better understand what the recovery from Covid-19 looks like. If you would like to measure activity on a particular location, industry or subject that is not already contained within Huq’s Indicator catalogue, please get in touch with our new business team to discuss your requirements.