UK Ports Activity Rises Past Pre-Pandemic Levels

Transits through the UK’s largest ports of entry have risen past pre-Covid levels for the first time in over a year, as high-frequency data from Huq shows how international trade could be bouncing back after reaching record lows.

Journeys through the likes of Felixtstowe, Dover and Southhampton had recovered over last summer to around 90% of pre-pandemic levels before the latest national lockdown saw this figure drop to around 75%. However, since the end of February visits have experienced a strong increase, with the 14-day trend reaching a new high of 114pts indexed to January 2020. This rise is significant for freight while passenger services are largely absent.

With reports showing exports to the EU plummeted by 40% in January – the biggest fall on record – the data suggests numbers could be starting to rise again following a post-Brexit lull.

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