UK Hospitality Footfall Slows to 25% of Pre-Lockdown Levels

The recovery of the UK’s Restaurants and Pubs sector continues to take longer than hoped, with Huq’s mobile geo-data showing that footfall across these businesses has slowed to just 25% of pre-lockdown levels in the last week.

According to Huq’s Foodservice Index, Restaurants and Pubs in the UK saw a steady increase in footfall to around third of pre-lockdown levels following ‘Super Saturday’ on 4 July, however the trajectory of this recovery appears to have been short-lived.

Restaurants have seen the lowest amount of activity in comparison to January levels, plateauing now at around 25%. Equally, Quick Service Restaurants and Pubs haven’t seen a great deal more.

In other parts of the world, the picture of recovery has been quite different – Italy has seen its hospitality sector flourish following lockdown and levels there are now tracking at almost double what they were in January as seasonal trade returns.

While the UK may be short of tourists, sport and entertainment, further analysis of these results will provide insights as to how effective the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme is in luring people away from supermarkets and into restaurants.

Huq has created this index with thanks to Peter Backman for his invaluable contribution in constructing this indicator based on his insights and experience within the foodservice market.

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