Pubs Resilient Amid Challenge to Foodservice Industry

Visits to pubs across the UK has held relatively steady as tighter restrictions come into force in many regions and new local lockdowns create precipitate another sharp decline in Foodservice industry trade.

Huq Index for Restaurants & Pubs. ©2014-2020 Huq Industries.

The Huq Index for Restaurants and Pubs shows footfall across the sector fall by an average of 29pts in the last 30 days. Quick Service and Restaurants have seen the sharpest decreases in footfall of 44pts and 32pts respectively. In the face of this, pub attendance has been remained relatively steady, decreasing by just 12pts.

While it’s encouraging to see the Pub sector holding up amid broader Foodservice industry challenges, customer levels are nonetheless at around just a quarter of what they were for the equivalent week last year.

The Huq Index for Restaurants & Pubs has been created with special thanks to Foodservice Industry expertises Peter Backman.

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