Pubs and Restaurants Reach a Third of Pre-Lockdown Levels

Footfall to Restaurants and Pubs in the UK has climbed to a third of pre-lockdown levels, with high-frequency geo-data showing how attendance has continued to rise following ‘Super Saturday’ but remains low overall.

According to Huq’s Index for Restaurants and Pubs, footfall reached a new high of 33% of ‘normal’ levels on Friday (10 July).

Quick Service Restaurants continue to see the highest amount of footfall in comparison to pre-lockdown levels, reaching 35% and since last Saturday, Pubs have climbed to a similar number (33%). Restaurants, who are perhaps the most impacted by social distancing measures, are seeing the least amount of comparative footfall.

The data suggests that the hospitality sector may see more of a ‘bathtub’ shaped recovery rather than the ‘V’ it might have been hoping for. With the Chancellor pledging to ‘go dutch’ with people from Monday-Wednesday throughout August, further analysis of Huq’s Index will show how many people take him up on the offer to ‘Eat Out to Help Out’.

Huq has created this index with thanks to Peter Backman for his invaluable contribution in constructing this indicator based on his insights and experience within the foodservice market.

Huq’s Indicators can help analysts better understand what a recovery from Covid-19 will look like. If you would like to measure activity on a particular location, industry or subject that is not already contained within Huq’s Indicator catalogue, please get in touch with our new business team to discuss your requirements.