Pub Visits Froth Following Monday Reopening

Visits to the UK’s pubs spiked up to 60pts this week, with high-frequency geo-data showing how Monday’s easing is of restrictions has drawn millions to the nation’s beer gardens.

The Huq Index had recorded only nominal visits to pubs since the start of the year, which can be largely attributed to staff and venues which offer takeaway food. However, following the first phase of hospitality’s reopening on Monday, Huq’s single day measure shows a jump of 60pts+ supporting reports that many have rushed to book outdoor tables.

Across the Foodservice sector as a whole, Quick Service Restaurants have adapted best to trade under lockdown, with fast food visits holding relatively steady at around 50% of ‘usual levels’ during the last few months. Restaurants also display this trend but to a more modest extent.

If this trend holds over the coming days, the official Huq Index for Restaurants & Pubs – which is presented using a 14 day rolling average, will reflect this new dynamic over the coming days. With strong pub numbers despite a blanket ban on indoor dining still in place, predications of a ‘summer of spending’ could well turn out right.

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