Pub-going is Recovering 70% Faster than During 2020 Since April 12 Re-opening

Pub-going has increased almost twice as quickly as it did after the first lockdown lifted in July 2020, with attendance surging in comparison to the equivalent days last year.

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However, while pubs are recovering almost twice as fast than they did previously, Huq’s high-frequency footfall data reveals there is still a long way to go. According to the Jan 2020 index, pubs are still trailing food-focused outlets (e.g. restaurants and QSR by at least 23%, suggesting that these businesses have better adapted to takeaway and delivery in recent months. This data echoes reports that severe restrictions on the pub sector are continuing to take their toll on trade.

As we move towards the 17 May indoor reopening and allow ourselves a glimpse of the eventual 21 June ‘freedom’ date, Huq’s data will continue to reveal how restrictions are impacting this sector in near real time.

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