Northern Cities More Adversely Affected by Restrictions than in The South

Mobility levels in the big northern cities failed to recover to their pre-pandemic levels following lockdown in the summer, in contrast to their southern counterparts new data shows.

Mobility Data Highlights North-South Divide
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Footfall in cities across the North and South dropped to just above half of their usual levels during the first lockdown recovered over a period of 8 weeks, according to Huq Industries’ high frequency mobile data.

But unlike Southern cities eg. London and Bristol, recovery across Northern centres – Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle – stalled from June onwards, tracking at 80 per cent.

‘Levelling Up’ and balancing the ‘North-South Divide’ are priority themes for the government and contrasts such as data this point to the many differences between the regional groups.

In subsequent analyses we will provide a more detailed view of the trends and underpin this data and point to some of the structural issues that drive them.

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