Emerging Trend? Londoners Move to Independent Shopping

Londoners are shying from big brand retailers in favour of shopping at independent outlets, with independent and single-site retailers consistently outpacing chains throughout the autumn.

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The Huq Index contrasts visits to chains with independents across a mix of categories ranging from clothing stores and cafes to chemists and food shops. Mobile geo-data shows visits to independents fell away faster than for chains as the country went into lockdown, with chains holding 5-10% over independents. However, since re-opening at a similar rate, independents have taken a consistent lead of up to 10% over chains from August 10th onwards.

Footfall across both chains and independents has dropped recently, but whether that’s attributed to the government’s move to ‘shop local’  or fears of visiting higher-footfall locations, the trend towards more independent shopping appears to be holding strong.

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