Ladbrokes sees a 20% Bump in Store Activity as Monday Re-opening Approaches

Which way the economic winds will blow come Monday is the question on many minds as businesses across the country prepare to step back towards normality. For some of us, the chance for a flutter is finally imminent as the UK allows non-essential retail – and betting shops among them – to resume conventional trade.

The past months have led some punters to develop a keen interest in Belorussian footfall or Swedish ‘Kubb’ to sate their apetites. New data showing mounting activity levels around Ladbrokes stores in recent days suggests that some retailers expect to receive a flurry of guests as stores re-open.

Huq Industries and the Local Data Company are teaming up to produce a leading indicator that covers a range of industries and bell-weather brands from across the British economy.

Data from this indicator shows that Ladbrokes outlets have experienced a 20% increase in attendance since the start of June. Given this activity and that stores are closed to the public, this event suggests that the activity is attributed to workers installing ‘sneeze screens’ and other protective measures to prepare for a socially-distanced ‘new normal’. And with the premier league kicking off next week in front of empty stands, the bookies could be busy.


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