German Outbound Travel Reaches 75% of Pre-Lockdown Levels

The number of Germans travelling overseas has climbed to 75% of pre-lockdown levels over the last two weeks, according to the latest data from Huq’s new ‘European Travel Monitor’.

The Monitor, which measures the number of country residents present in countries overseas – and what they do there – shows that German residents have been among the fastest in Europe resume international travel. The number of residents leaving Germany relative to pre-lockdown levels is followed by a rise in residents from France travelling abroad (62% of pre-lockdown levels) followed by Netherlands residents (60%) and the UK (42%).

Top destinations shaken up

Although there are now greater numbers of Germans travelling overseas, Huq’s data shows how Covid-19 has shaken up the top destinations for German tourists in 2020 compared with previous years. While traditionally popular destinations like the Algarve, Catalunia and the Greek islands have begun to ‘light up’ in recent weeks, these maps also illustrate an increase in travel to destinations within driving distance. This artefact of Covid-19 disruption has made northern Italy and eastern France two of the most popular places for Germans to travel to this year.

Huq’s data suggests that since Germany reopened its borders on 15 June some Germans have flown – initially for essential business or family and more recently for holidays – but many have preferred to travel by car.

With an increase in international holiday sales after the UK government announced that European holidays were ‘back on’ for this summer, further analysis of Huq’s Monitor will show where and to what degree Brits get back to international trips after 10 July.

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