French Hospitality Industry Recovers Despite Record Cases

The last six weeks have seen customer levels across French bars, restaurants and cafes tracking neatly at around 100% of 2019 levels despite record levels of new cases over the same period. Persistent growth in visits from lockdown levels on May 9th climbed to 64% to 75pts by July 1st and even peaked at 106% on August 9th before settling into near 2019 levels in the weeks following.

Footfall across bars, restaurants and cafes in France at 2019 levels.
©2014-2020 Huq Industries. EU ‘Big 6’ Consumer Index.

This comes in stark contrast to hospitality footfall in the UK, where a cautious recovery between June 1st and September 1st achieved 63% of year-on-year levels before relapsing 13% to 56pts following the end of the government’s Eat-Out-to-Help-Out scheme and a wave of new infection-linked restrictions through September. The story across Europe lies somewhere in between, with visits to bars and restaurants steady at 73% of 2019 levels since August 9th.

Hèlas, all good things must come to an end. With cases in France above 250 per 100,000, key cities including Paris, Lille and Lyon are set for strict lockdown once more – meaning that all bars, restaurants and cafes will be forced to close. As events unfold we will continue to closely monitor customer activity across the sector.

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