European Professionals Return to Offices Ahead of UK Workers (Again)

EU residents are returning to their places of work after the Christmas break but UK staff appear more constrained, less enthusiastic – or both. The latest data from Huq Industries puts European office workers 7% ahead of their UK counterparts in the 20 days since the year began, and that gap is widening still.

EU Workers Return to Offices ahead of UK staff
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After the first wave, UK workers took 5.5 months to recover 20% of workplace attendance (mid-Sept) where European workers achieved the same in just one month (June 1st). Reasons of course include differences in return to work policies, but with early data indicating the same outcome again one questions whether this trend is here to say?

The long term impact on town and city centres, much of which relies on the office economy – retail, food, real estate investors and transport – has yet to be determined.

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