European Food Production Rises 19% As Second Wave Bites

Food producers in Europe are scaling up their staffing levels as the second wave of Covid-19 bites across the region. Huq’s European Industrial ‘Big-6’ Indicator shows a growth of 19% in the 4 weeks to date from August 31st. This contrasts with just a 10% rise in worker presence between February 20th and March 5th, it’s pre-lockdown high.

Food producers across Europe show a 19% rise in productivity
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This relative increase of 9% suggests that food producers have taken stock of their first-wave experiences, and are taking steps to prepare this time round. Reports that producers around the world have been “doubling down on inventory” and have informed facilities “to continue to stock up on all the materials and supplies” supports this observation.

The efforts of European food producers will comfort those who faced supermarket aisles of empty shelves back in March as countries approached lockdown this year, and offer insights as to the health of the food supply chain as populations enter another difficult period.

Huq’s European Industrial ‘Big-6’ Indicator measures daily staffing levels across 119 food production facilities across the continent owned or operated by manufacturers including Danone, Nestle, Anheuser-Busch, AB Foods and Unilever – in themselves representing the 6 largest European food producers by market cap.

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