Restaurants Hit Post-Covid High at 45pts While QSR Remains Steady

In the last week, footfall across the UK’s foodservice sector has come close to 50% of pre-lockdown levels, but in the main appears to have steadied at around 35% since establishments re-opened for dine-in on July 4th. Both restaurants and quick-service outlets both achieved their highest levels since lockdown began, with restaurants peaking at 45pts on August 5th in contrast to quick-service’s high of 46pts following Super Saturday in early July. While the Chancellor’s Eat-out to Help-out scheme has certainly injected some dynamism into the sector, the overall trend remains at just over a third of pre-Covid levels.

Huq’s Restaurants & Pubs Index, which measures daily attendance across Pubs, Restaurants and Quick Service Restaurants, has also seen footfall return to a more typical weekly cadence with clearly defined weekdays and weekends reinforcing the suggestion that life is returning to something more predictable.

With social distancing measures in place, parts of the UK going back into lockdown and very little international tourism, trade across the sector remains suppressed. From their closures back in April, Pubs have however bounced back strongest in the last month – with weekend peaks shoring up their resilience.

With last week’s warm weather enabling more al fresco dining and the Chancellor ‘going dutch’ with anyone eating out from Monday to Wednesday, we will continue to monitor these trends over the coming days and weeks.

Huq has created this index with thanks to Peter Backman for his valuable contribution in constructing this indicator, based on his insights and experience within the foodservice market.

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