Data Shows Movement Through UK Ports Picking Up After ‘Gridlock’

Movement through UK ports fell by some measure over the last month, as reports show ‘gridlock’ at container ports such as Felixstowe, Southampton and London Gateway were experiencing reduced access. Happily for the businesses that import / export goods however that trend appears to be recovering.

Throughput at ports had been stable in the months following lockdown, tracking at 90% of the January mean. However, Huq’s high-frequency geo-data shows that this measure dropped somewhat in December, suggesting drivers have struggled to access and transit through oversubscribed ports. This feature is consistent with the seasonal decline observed mid-summer in August.

Levels however have increased over the last week, offering signs that some of the congestion could be easing. With Christmas around the corner and many retailers reliant on products imported by sea, will this come soon enough? Sign up to our 3x weekly newsletter to follow the effects of Brexit on UK infrastructure in near real time.