Clothing Retail Footfall Slides 26% From September Peak

Visits to clothing and shoe shops across the UK has declined 26% from a post-lockdown peak of 65pts on August 29th. Following a good start to the year with visits up 60% for January sales and a stable February, footfall fell sharply to residual levels from March 22nd before regaining 50% of normal levels by July 2nd and remain so for much of the summer. Recovering to to 65pts in August 29th – a date that coincides with the end of the summer and start of the school year – visits to clothing shops have since followed an even trajectory downwards to present levels of 39%, a fall of 26% in just 4 weeks.

UK Clothing Retail Footfall Slides in September
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With new restrictions coming into force across much of the country over the course of the last two weeks, clothing and apparel is just one of the industries set to face continued challenges during this time. As reported last night on ITV News, Huq data shows footfall across UK town centres down by as much as 43% between the 22nd and 29th September for areas affected by new measures – and those beyond. With similar trends apparent across discretionary sectors such as hospitality, it appears that Covid-induced economic turbulence is set to continue this autumn.

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