Cars Make a Comeback as Key Industrials Across Europe Climb to 70% of Pre-Lockdown Levels

Key industrials across Europe are showing signs of stronger recovery, with footfall to manufacturing plants in both staple and discretionary sectors reaching new highs in the last week.

According to Huq’s ‘Key Industries Indicator’, which tracks the number of employees attending workplaces across a range of sectors, every industry measured has seen a sharp increase since the middle of last month. While Defence continues to see the highest amount of footfall in comparison to pre-lockdown levels, recently reaching 75%, the biggest increase in the last few weeks has been in the Automotive sector which has risen by 150%.

Interestingly, the gap between discretionary and staple sectors has started to close with footfall to Automotive manufacturing plants reaching 62% of pre-lockdown levels, just four percentage points behind Chemicals and Biotechnology. With hospitality and travel some of the hardest hit by the pandemic, the picture of recovery remains subdued across Food and Aerospace, both of which continue to trail behind at and 49% and 43% respectively.

With potential government incentives across Europe to stimulate manufacturing and a growing appetite for private mobility post-Covid, further analysis of Huq’s Indicators will provide clues as to how demands play out in real terms.

Huq’s Indicators can help analysts better understand what a recovery from Covid-19 will look like. If you would like to measure activity on a particular location, industry or subject that is not already contained within Huq’s Indicator catalogue, please get in touch with our new business team to discuss your requirements.