Buon Appetito: Italy’s hospitality sector hits 90% of pre-lockdown levels

Footfall to Italy’s hospitality sector has hit 90% of pre-lockdown levels, as appetite for the country’s restaurants, cafes and bars continues to grow.

Hospitality in Italy saw a bigger rise in footfall than any of its European counterparts following the easing of lockdown measures at the start of May and this steady upward trend has reached record highs in the last week.

Huq’s Key Industries Indicator, which also measures footfall to supermarkets, hotels and transport, also shows an encouraging uplift in hotel attendance in the last three weeks, with physical attendance increasing by 18pts to 47% of pre-lockdown levels. While hotels have seen notable rise in footfall recently, use of public transport remains low, suggesting that people are still avoiding buses, trains and plans – perhaps treating themselves to a hotel stay more locally.

The data, which uses pre-Covid levels as a base, suggests that the recovery of hospitality in Italy is now outpacing supermarkets – an interesting parity between these discretionary and staple sectors. Footfall across supermarkets is now sitting at around 80% of pre-lockdown levels.

Following Boris Johnson’s announcement yesterday that UK pubs, restaurants and hotels will be allowed to open from 4 July, there are hopes that the sector in the UK will enjoy similar release of pent-up demand. Although Brits might have to order a pint in advance and keep their distance from other punters, visits to Italy’s pizzeria’s and cafes in the last week offer a glimpse of just what could be.

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