Biotech Productivity Outstrips Industrials In Race To Beat Pandemic

The charge to produce vaccines and treatments for the Covid-19 outbreak is reflected in the relative strength of productivity across biotechnology research and production facilities, compared with its wider industrial peers.

On the 26th January, Biotech came within -9.2% of year-on-year levels – averaging 83.2pts for the month of January. By contrast, on Jan 23rd Huq’s European industrial average fell 41.5pts behind year-on-year levels, averaging 71.8pts for so far this year. This shows that workplace presence for Biotech employees – a leading indicator for productivity – is tracking 11.4pts higher than its peer industries in 2021.

Biotech productivity outstrips industrial average
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Whereas figures for major economic sectors such as automotive, defence and food are plateauing, stuck in the quagmire of the Covid crisis, biotech is powering on. High frequency data produced by Huq Industries shows resurgent productivity across the biotech industry as the world mobilises to produce protections and treatments for those in the firing line of the virus.

It also reflects increased government urgency in these areas, exacerbated by the growing gap between the effectiveness of different vaccination and treatment regimes. Continental Europe in particular has been stung by criticism caused by delays in its vaccination programme and is seeking to catch up with other areas such as the US and the UK.

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