Auto Manufacturing Productivity Doubles in Three Months

Car factories across Europe have recovered two-thirds of their 2019 productivity during July and August, with worker presence at these locations doubling post lockdown.

Huq’s Big-6 Industrials Index, which measures footfall to more than 750 of Europe’s production facilities across Defence, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Automotive (Audi, BMW, Citroën, Mercedes-Benz and others), Aerospace and Food Production, has seen activity at car manufacturing facilities increase from around 33% of last year’s levels to almost 70% over the summer.

Activity reached a series low around mid-April with Europe as much of the world went into lockdown. Automotive productivity has since seen a faster rate of recovery than any other discretionary manufacturing sector. With travel and parts of the hospitality sector still heavily impacted, Food and Aerospace are both are struggling to beyond 45% of this time last year.

Reports suggest that manufacturing across key sectors in the UK has seen the fastest rate of monthly growth in six years, but this remains far from pre-Covid times as the spectre of Covid-19 continues. As workers shun public transport, will increased demand for private transport help cars make a comeback? We’ll be closely following further changes in this trend.

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