As Dec 31st Looms, Will Traffic at Dover Fall Off a Cliff?

Worker and traveller presence across UK ports fell 40pts during the first national lockdown before recovering to 90% of January levels, where it has held fast over the course of the last seven months. As the Brexit transition period draws to a close, and amid reports of bottlenecks across the country’s ports of entry, the Huq Index offers a high-frequency measure of activity at these locations.

The Index records the daily presence of port workers, hauliers and travellers that use the UK’s major ports of entry – among which Felixstowe, Southampton, Liverpool and Dover – to access both the UK, the Continent and beyond, and compares the daily value to the mean value for January 2020.

With just 22 days (31 Dec) to go, the Huq Index will monitor the precise effects on British ports and other key transit hubs across the UK in near-real time.

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