Successful decisions are built on evidence. Huq’s extensive location data & analytics helps you pinpoint customer behaviours for better investment decisions.

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Tailored Location Data Solutions for Every Use Case

Uncover a Place’s True Performance

Leverage foot traffic, movement patterns, and visit durations of any visitors to create a comprehensive picture of any time period and locations of interest.

Pinpoint Your Audience

Identify demographics, preferences, behaviours, and seasonal trends with location data. See comprehensive profiles that paint a picture of behaviours and patterns of visitors, workers, and residents.

Identify Trends and Unique Insights

Surface visitor patterns that indicate peak visit times, preferred locations, and typical routes, seasonal changes, and other behaviours.

Map Travel Patterns

See origin-destination pairs and understand where people begin their journeys and where they end up to identify commuting patterns, popular travel routes, and the interconnectivity of different regions.

Benchmark Performance Across Locations

See how you compare to your competitors and identify areas where you excel and areas that require improvement with foot traffic trends, visit durations, and customer behaviour at both your locations and your competitors' locations. Leverage a consistent location intelligence analytics to make 1 to 1 comparisons across the globe without micro-biasing factors

Drive informed decisions

Leverage foot traffic, customer engagement, and visit patterns to monitor and adapt your strategies ahead of economic changes.

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