New eBook! Pandemic Trends and The Future of Local High Streets

Whilst larger city centres and malls function as ‘destinations’ for specific visits and days out, the local high street traditionally offers a more routine level of essential supplies and services. Has the two-year Covid-19 pandemic changed the way people use these local places?

Huq provides unique real-life evidence of the effect of restrictions on communities by measuring how and when people visit places. In this Local High Streets Report we use those detailed mobility data insights to show the impact of the pandemic on local high streets across England.

The Future of Local High Streets 2022 E-Book

Download the ebook Pandemic Trends and The Future of Local High Streets for a detailed and informative look at how the UK’s local high streets have performed through the pandemic and until today.

In this brand new report using data from CommunityVison®, Huq’s leading mobility insights product for local government, we:

  1. Monitor the use of local high streets by observing changes in footfall and dwell-time between January 2020 and December 2021
  2. Determine how the use of local high streets has changed over the pandemic period by analysing peak times and the reasons to visit
  3. Identify trends and draw inferences about the future by comparing changes and tracking performance over time

What does this evidence tell us about local high streets after the pandemic?

We know that local high streets have changed during the pandemic, and these mobility insights provide evidence of those changes. Local high streets continue to evolve, and communities can react and plan accordingly provided that they accurately track changes.

Download the eBook for detailed analysis of the trends that shape our local high streets in 2022!

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