UK Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF)

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What is the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and how is Huq’s monitoring platform is central to customers who wish to take advantage of it?

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Use data to make evidence-led choices

Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) investment plans must show how councils intend to allocate funding inline with the fund's objectives. Critically, councils are required to base their strategies on hard, objective evidence. 4% of SPF funding is available to that end.

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"How can I improve the flow of pedestrians through the parks I manage?

Parks & Green Spaces Manager, County Council

"What can I do to encourage independent retailers to move to our town centre?

Economic Development Manager, Borough Council

"How can we improve links with the national infrastructure for easier commuting?

Senior Transport Planning Manager, County Council

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Make the local environment a nicer place

Whether it’s working with Economic Development teams to improve the image of a high street, or improving the quality of parks and amenities, Parks & Open Spaces teams have a central role to play in UKSPF spending.

Solutions for councils

Promoting pride in local places

Economic Development Officers can use UKSPF funding to improve retail centres or high streets – encouraging businesses to invest locally. Effective measurement systems ensure that interventions are successful.

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Easily monitor footfall, dwell-time, catchment areas - and so much more!

Zero hardware

No more boxes, screws or wires. Our on-demand measurement platform provides instant coverage - everywhere.

Instant setup

Get set up in just 1 day! Just sign up, pick your measurement area(s), insight modules and start analysing.

Historic data

Our coverage doesn't start from the day you turn on. We have every corner of the UK covered - right back to 2019!

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Lesley Crisp, Principal Economic Development Officer -

Huq's place monitoring platform helps us make smarter, evidence-led decisions. My team is using its insights to set targets and monitor change – and we no longer need to pester pedestrians to answer surveys!

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Hertsmere uses Huq data for monitoring