Watch our walkthrough of how to plan outdoor media campaigns using Huq's Frame Finder tool.

Why We Created this Video

With the release of our revamped Frame Finder and Frame Profiler planning suite for outdoor media, we wanted to provide new and existing customers with a taste of the workflow and ease with which you can research and select the best ever sites for your media planning needs.

How is it different? Where media planning tools to-date have focused on the rate of traffic within visible range of real-world audiences, Huq adds a new layer of insight that is centred much more around who those audiences are - in terms of their daily retail and wider lifestyle interestes.

So if you’re looking for ‘Culture Vultures’ - those who enjoy art and culture - it’s as easy as running a search to find the best frames. Looking for customers of a particular retail brand? Just search using our tool and immediately you’ll see a ranking of the best frames for those audiences.

It’s the fastest and most effective way to sort the frames you want from those you don’t, ensuring greatest impact and ROI for your customers while delivering cost savings across your campaign. Start planning your outdoor media with Huq’s Frame Finder and Frame Profiler today!

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