Analysis showing how air travellers move through airport terminals at London LHR and Dubai's DBX airports.

Original research from Huq Industries shows how travellers through London Heathrow (LHR) and Dubai International (DBX) move (or not) through the airports.

A Spatiotemporal Analysis of Passengers Moving through LHR

The embedded torque map below shows how traffic builds and dissapates as people move throughout the airport terminal by hour of day. Use the controls on the embedded map to play the data, partitioned by hour of day.

And the same, but for DBX

Take a look at the following spatiotemporal heatmap for those moving through Dubai airport. You can clearly see the airport terminal buildings, queues for controls, and even planes taking off along the runway!

About this research

To compile this research, Huq drew on its platform of over anonymised 50m consumer profiles to isolate activity centred on Dubai DBX and London LHR airports spread over the course of a month. We then compiled that monthly activity into hourly buckets in order to play through the animation. Enjoy!

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