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Why We Created this Guide

When it comes to measuring the effects of an offline media campaign, it is difficult to measure and show how your work has generated ROI and met its KPIs.

We understand the importance of proving the success of your campaign. Therefore, we have created an informative guide to Online Attribution that will help you own your outdoor success. Here’s what you’ll find inside.

Using a Range of Data Sources to Lock-in Reliability

Confidence in the data you use is key to evaluating and proving your success to your clients. Learn how you can use a range of new and innovative insight sources to best effect by downloading our Offline Attribution Guide here!

Consistency is the key to Useable Insights

Example of Time Series chart showing Attribution

Lack of detail and independence in Offline Attribution services can make it hard to accurately measure the positive effect of your outdoor campaigns. Keep consistent and get rewarded with actionable intelligence. Find out how in our Outdoor Attribution Guide. Get it now.

Discover Who Was Most Receptive to Your Campaign

Deep-dive into your campaign results and learn how to uncover game-changing attribution insights for agile improvement and better campaign results. Download our Offline Attribution Guide to learn more!

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