Our geo-data is different.

In every respect our data is optimised for quality and reliability, making trend detection faster and observations more certain.

First-party only

Our data is collected exclusively on a first party basis for greatest quality control.

GDPR compliant

All of our data and processes are designed to conform to data privacy legislation.

US-EU focus

Our focus centres on the US and EU but data is available for markets worldwide.

Updated daily

Our geo-data can be delivered as frequently as daily, +48 hours.

12Bn events / mo

Our high-density SDK produces up to thousands of daily events per device.

4+ years history

We offer full access to our historical geo-data for backtesting purposes.

For quants

Build models

Access event-level geo-data to train models using 73 attributes and over 4 years of history.

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For analysts

Tell stories

Start querying in minutes with Huq's data pre-loaded into a dedicated Google BigQuery instance.

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